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Summer Outdoor Cooking Safety for Barbeque and Pizza Ovens

It is time to get out your outdoor recreation gear in preparation for the beautiful weather since summer is almost here. Summer is the best season to spend outside, from the smells of a wonderful steak cooking on the barbeque to cozy afternoons spent curling over the chiminea.

Pizza cooking on a grill combines science and art. Even if there are a few things to learn along the road, you can assemble your grill, roll your dough, and cook a mouthwatering pizza with a little practice. You can also serve it with other grilled delicacies if you would like.

Delivita Pizza Ovens offered by BBQs 2u is the right choice for those who are keen to cook pizzas outdoors and enjoy outings with their friends during the summer.

These ovens are available in both wood and gas-fire option and in the market, it has become quite popular because of its quality, portability and environment-friendliness. It will be suitable for both professional chefs and any pizza enthusiast.

If you love to eat pizzas, then you can prepare them in your own home kitchen by using an oven called Gozney Dome. The same cheese-topped pizza with a crunchy crust will arrive straight from your kitchen.

You can easily become an expert at wood-fired cooking with Gozney’s exceptional assortment of pizza ovens. Unrivalled in taste, functionality, and versatility, Gozney Pizza Ovens are perfect for passionate home cooks as well as pros.

How can you enjoy barbeque?

1. Set up your oven safely.

Proper setup is crucial to reduce the risk of accidents and fires. Outdoor equipment should be used only outside, on a level surface, away from windy areas and combustible materials. Follow installation instructions for safety.

2. Inspect your equipment before use

Regularly inspect gas BBQ and pizza oven components for wear and tear. Replace or repair any damaged parts promptly to ensure safe operation before each use.

3. Regularly clean your oven

To minimize fire risk, clean BBQ grill, plates, and tray after each use to remove grease buildup. Make sure coals are totally cooled before disposing of them.

4. Avoid chemicals or flammable liquids

Follow manufacturer instructions and use recommended fuel for outdoor equipment. When using solid fuels, start with kindling and avoid adding flammable liquids. If a gas flame goes out, turn off the gas and wait five minutes before relighting.

5. Never leave a lit pizza oven unattended

Always supervise cooking and heating equipment while in use and until it cools down. Keep pets, children, and guests away from heat and fuel sources to prevent burns and injuries.

6. Keep your chiminea fire small

Chimineas, if used safely, direct flames in a controlled manner up the chimney, making them safer than bonfires. Avoid large fires, protect from elements, and never pour water directly on the heat source, as it can cause cracking.

Final word

To fully enjoy your summer outdoor experience, ensure safety by setting up your oven correctly, inspecting equipment, and cleaning it regularly. Avoid chemicals, never leave a lit oven unattended, and maintain a small chiminea fire.

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