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How to Import Furniture from China to the UK

Are you trying to import Chinese furniture into UK? In this blog article, we will try to briefly cover the majority of the steps required to import furniture from China. With the help of this guidance and insider information, you will be able to manage the process of importing from China to the UK like a pro.

Things to Know while Importing from China to the UK

You must consider the following 10 points while considering furniture import from China to the UK:

– Taking into account all the expenses involved in importing from China, is there a market for your Chinese goods to sell in the UK?

– Have you calculated all possible costs for importing, transporting, and buying into the UK, and are these within your means?

– Have you looked into the possibilities and the risks of purchasing from China?

– Have you examined all certifications, safety requirements, and compliance standards that are necessary for your particular product to be sold in the UK?

– Do you want your own packaging and brand to be on the product?

– Do you want a new product created or an existing one modified to meet your requirements?

– Which would you prefer—working directly with a Chinese factory or through a Chinese wholesaler?

– Are you thinking of going to a trade show in China?

– Do you know how to send goods from China to the UK, and what choices are available to you?

– Which would you prefer—using a purchasing consultant or going it alone?

Steps involved in furniture import

After introspecting on the above, you may follow these steps:

Step 1– Decide whether you want to import pre-designed or custom-made furniture.

Step 2 – Choose the right material for your furniture

Step 3 – Find your supplier in China

Step 4 – Navigate MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities)

Step 5 – Implement a suitable procedure for quality control in China

Step 6 – Try to understand the various import duties required for importing from China.

Step 7 – Arrange shipping and logistics

Step 8 – Get ready for the arrival of your shipment

All these steps can become easier if you can also hire a certain trustworthy China Sourcing Agent so that he can coordinate all the procurement activities and also help in the quality control management of your furniture in China. It will be a much cheaper option than sending your representative and stationing him in China to perform these activities.

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